Premises Identification

Premises identification (PID) is a way of linking livestock and poultry to land locations (or “premises”) and is critical for managing animal health emergencies. By applying for a PID number, you are allowing for traceability information to be accessed quickly for the protection of our industry.

What is a premises?

  • According to the Cattle Implementation Plan (CIP), a premises is a parcel of land defined by a legal land description or, in its absence, by geo-referenced coordinates, on which or on any part of which animals, plants or food are grown, kept, assembled, or disposed of.

What is premises identification?

  • Premises identification is the assignment of a unique identification number to a physical land location referred to as a premises identification number (PID) by a provincial/territorial premises registry or Responsible Administrator for provinces/territories without a PID registry.

Where do I find my PID? How can I get my PID?

OR download the postcard for premises Id contact information for your province (PDF).

Traceability in Canada Postcard (side 1)
Traceability in Canada Postcard (side 2)

This project was made possible by funding from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) through its Canadian Industry Traceability Infrastructure Program (CITIP). AAFC is pleased to participate in this project and is committed to working with its industry partners to increase public awareness of the importance of the agri-food industry to Canada.