Special Project Buck Import from USA

The Canadian goat industry relies heavily on the genetics from the USA, and changes to the rules on importing goats has negatively impacted breeder’s abilities to expand their herd genetics.

Earlier this year, the CFIA approved a special import of USA bucks for the use of their semen.  This program is running for the 2023 breeding season, assuming there is at least 10 bucks to make the project worthwhile.  Producers are encouraged to take part in this progressive push to bring more genetics across the border for the betterment of our goat industry. 

OC Flock Management in Alberta is the company that will be facilitating the project.  They are arranging imports, transportation, housing, Canadian testing, semen production and distribution.  They however will not be sourcing or purchasing any potential buck candidates.    

CFIA requirements for bucks to enter Canada – https://inspection.canada.ca/animal-health/terrestrial-animals/imports/importpolicies/live-animals/2007-5/eng/1321032703935/1321032839418
Interested in the program, reach out the the OC Contact: lynn@ocflock.com