The Canadian National Goat Federation

The Canadian National Goat Federation was incorporated in October 2003 and is the national representative for Canada’s goat producers. A Board of Directors that is comprised of representatives from provincial goat organizations as well as the two national associations, the Canadian Meat Goat Association and the Canadian Goat Society, govern the CNGF. The mandate of the CNGF is to represent all goat producers in Canada and further the viability, expansion and prosperity of the Canadian goat industry, which includes milk, meat and fibre. Unlike most other livestock associations, the CNGF does not have individual producer members. Rather, the other provincial and national goat associations are member organizations of the CNGF. These organizations each have a representative, (or representatives), who sit on the Board of Directors of the CNGF. Therefore, each producer organization has a vote on the activities of the CNGF, rather than individual producers having a vote. Individual producers provide their input and concerns to the CNGF through their respective associations. Information from the CNGF regarding industry activities are transmitted to producers by way of their associations as well. The CNGF provides information to each Director, who in turn provides that information to the Board of Directors of their particular association. It is the responsibility of that association to disseminate any relevant information to their membership. This Federation format is one commonly found in agricultural industry groups in Canada that are designed to present a unified national voice on behalf of the industry.

Download CNGF Bylaws (PDF)