Linda Underwood
(BC Goat Association)
Phone: 250-546-0688

Past President
Beth Peers
(Manitoba Goat Association)
Phone: 204-845-2445

Brian Pelleboer
(Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative)
Phone: 519-845-0340

Laurie Fischer Fries
(Alberta Goat Association)
Phone: 780-755-2111

Directors at Large:

Susan Frazer
(Canadian Goat Society)
Phone: 204-568-4516

John Henderson
(Alberta Mohair Producers’ Association)
Phone: 403-728-3488
Fax: 403-728-3492

Saskatchewan Goat Breeders’ Association – TBA


Beth Peers – Manitoba Goat Association

I have a small herd of Alpines and live in the southwest corner of Manitoba. My partner and I also have a small flock of sheep, and, like many Canadians with a farm income, we both work off the farm as well.

I believe that good communication, both internal to an organization and external to its membership, is critical. This is perhaps especially true for a national organization such as CNGF, as the goat sector is small, relative to some other livestock sectors, and the great distances that separate us always pose a challenge.

It may be a good time for the CNGF to undertake a strategic planning process to help identify national needs and concerns. Through strategic planning, the Board can identify priorities for CNGF and develop implementation plans for action.

As I see it, the priority for the CNGF in the next couple of years should be to implement a National ID program that is affordable, flexible and practical for producers.


Susan Frazer – Canadian Goat Society

Susan Frazer has had goats since 1979, and registered Alpines since the mid 1980’s. She also has registered and commercial Katahdin and Dorper sheep and her family operates a grain farm in western Manitoba.


John Henderson – Alberta Mohair Producers’ Association

John has been raising Angora goats since 1990. He began with five bred does from Terry Lee’s line and is currently running two herds—Angora and Lamancha.

John is involved with several organizations including:

  • Alberta Mohair Producers – president
  • Alberta Goat  Assoc – director
  • Canadian National Goat Federation – director
  • Alberta Horticulture Association – director
  • Central Alberta Round & Square Dance – Association president
  • Spruce View Swinging 8’s – vice-president
  • Senior Judge for Angora goats


  • married for 43 years; 2 children- married; 3 grandchildren
  • self-employed with landscaping contract as well as raising livestock
  • owner/operator of Ailean Machar nursery

John is involved in promoting goating industry through Annual Country Drive, Selling plants, mohair products, and imported beans from Ontario at four local farmers’ markets.


Laurie Fries – Alberta Goat Association

Laurie and her husband Shay run a mixed farm operation in Edgerton, Alberta. They raise commercial beef cattle along with a herd of meat goats.

Laurie graduated with a diploma in Animal Health Technology from Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta in 1997. She taught the swine production and management course to second-year Agriculture and Economics students for four years until the college discontinued the program. She also helped to update the Swine Production Course for the Green Certificate Program for Alberta Agriculture.

Laurie is passionate about the goat industry and continues to promote all aspects through education, promotion and government involvement. She sits on the Alberta Biosecurity of Champions group and the Alberta Farmed Animal Health & Welfare Steering Committee facilitated by Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development . She was involved in the development of the National Goat Biosecurity Standards and also involved with the Goat On Farm Food Safety program as it was developed.

Laurie has been on the Alberta Goat Breeders Association board since 2006 and is currently the President of the Association. She received the 2012 Award Of Excellence in Alberta for her dedication and promotion of the Alberta Goat Industry.

Laurie also is the current Secretary for the Canadian Meat Goat Association and has been involved with the CMGA for the past four years.

Shay and Laurie have two sons, Hunter (7), Gauge (3) and daughter Shelin (9 months).

Revised October 18, 2016