The Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF) is undertaking an assessment of the costs associated with traceability and its implications for the goat industry, in preparation for the anticipated implementation of full traceability under the Health of Animals Act.

CNGF has engaged Perennia to undertake this project on its behalf. Perennia is a diversified agriculture and food company that provides extension, education, food safety and innovation support to its clients. They have a very wide range of experience in the agriculture and food industry with a wide diversified staff experience and knowledge.

In order to provide the CNGF with the most complete analysis of the cost and impact of implementation of traceability and its implications for all sectors of the goat industry, Perennia will be conducting a series of interviews and surveys with goat stakeholder groups, producers, provincial government personnel, and other members of the value chain. The objective of this work is to gain a better understanding of the needs, limitations, and challenges that will be associated with implementation of full traceability in the goat industry across Canada.

It is recognized that the goat industry is diverse and complex with varying production types across the country. With this in mind and the real opportunities for the industry to grow in the future, the implementation of any national program is an undertaking that cannot be taken lightly. The best decisions are made with access to good information.

It is with this in mind that the CNGF is contacting producers and stakeholders to participate in consultations during the coming weeks, to collect information related to the following aspects of traceability:

  • Producer cost: identifier system and associated costs (application, readers, recording and reporting time)
  • Communication needs and potential costs
  • Producer education needs and potential costs
  • Database and administrator cost (including identifier distribution, cost, and management)
  • Potential industry support income: identifier revenue vs cost

Information gathering will be through phone interviews, surveys, and limited face to face interviews.

It is anticipated that the information gathered by this project will support educated and informed analysis that will lead to practical recommendation for implementation and projections for future sustainability.

The assistance of participating producers and stakeholders is greatly appreciated and your help will contribute to the success of this project.

For more information or if you are interested in participating, please contact Lorraine Stevenson-Hall at or toll-free 1-888-839-4271.